Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

At E3 2006 LucasArts showed a glipmse of a new Indiana Jones game for next generation consoles. Since then, we have not heard much of it. Nevertheless, LucasArts representatives repeatedly confirmed that it was not cancelled (despite massive troubles during various development stages...).

While LucasArts and also the Indiana Jones staff saw massive layoffs this June, "Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings" (PS3/Xbox 360) was delayed to 2009. Why not cancel or outsource it like every other LucasArts game (right, I am looking at that PS3/Xbox 360/PC game called "Star Wars Battlefront 3" from that Nottingham-based developer.)?

Additionally, there was or is a still unreleased PSP pendant titled "Staff of Moses". Amaze Entertainment finished it sometime in 2007. The studio also did several internal demos for Indiana Jones Wii (never turned into something real, I guess). However, the PSP title might stay unpublished since A2M started development of Indiana Jones games (at least for Nintendo DS, PS2 and Wii) in June 2007, right when Amaze Entertainment was more or less giving "Staff of Moses" the final touches. So is A2M also responsible for a new PSP version which was accidently revealed by the rating organization PEGI?

Expect all Indiana Jones related games to be presented next year.

A brief look at some assets of Indiana Jones for Xbox 360 and PS3: (all rights, copyrights and trademarks belong to Lucas Arts and/or their respective artist and so on...)

And here is an animation demo from the PS2 version:

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